Tips on Using Instagram albums without losing your followers

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Instagram has added the ability to attach up to 10 photos and video clips to a single post. Depending on how this added feature is utilized, one can give their feedback on if it is good or bad. It is considered the most controversial feature since Stories.

Whatever your feedback may be, this feature will change the way contents are shared on the platform and agreeing to the new terms and conditions of posting your content will take some time. It will most definitely take some getting used to and patience in order to enjoy this new feature. The feature will be useful at some point in time regardless of the feedback insisting the new feature will ruin Instagram

Say no to Spam, yes to albums

The new feature on Instagram will address one of the issues that many find annoying on the platform. There are people who post too much content; it could be your friend, your classmate or coworker. Regardless of who they are, many find this annoying.

The habit of posting contents more often may be cheered on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but it bugs the users on Instagram unless you are Selena Gomez, a Kardashian or Justin Bieber. It is an unspoken rule you should adhere to if you do not want to bear the risk of losing your followers.

Instead of posting multiple contents at the same time, you can have them all in a single post under a similar caption. So also it is best you know that for now, Instagram permits the addition of only a single caption and location to the post, so it is advisable to ensure your contents are similar before grouping so as not to confuse your followers as this could have you at risk of losing followers.

Food and Recipes

Sharing of recipes is made easy for food bloggers and foodies. Albums will make things a whole lot better in the sense of not condensing an entire recipe into a single post, several images can be used to lay it out step-by-step for your followers.

DIY and Tutorials

Tutorials and DIY Processes have a lot to gain from this feature with its expanded view of several images at the same time. It could be a tutorial on decorating, household tweaks or makeup. The best thing is that the several steps will be illustrated better if several posts were grouped.

Exercise and Fitness

This is an added advantage for fitness bloggers, they can really share the exercise routines, yoga poses and also their before and after shots from gym sessions. This new feature will help to combine several exercise routines into a single post rather than multiple posts. Their followers might not follow the series of exercise and might get lost in the series of posts but with the added feature of albums, it makes things a whole lot easier.

Family and pets

Inasmuch as people love to share contents of their babies and fur babies, so also people might not appreciate seeing multiple contents related to a single caption. Instead of sending the same content several times, all can be grouped and your followers will not probe their decision for following you.