Kim Jong Nam’s son’s DNA to be acquired by the Malaysian Police in Macau

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There were claims by the Malaysian media about the Malaysian police flying to the autonomous region of south coast China to obtain the DNA of the North Korea leader’s half-brother’s son Kim Han Sol. The police chief Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar dismissed all the claims about that subject on Thursday 23 February. “We have not asked any team to recover any DNA sample, no sample has been given to us” this he stated.

Mr. Kim Han Sol agreed to provide a DNA sample to the Malaysian police investigating the assassination of his father. This was reported by the China Press in Chinese-language and Sin Chew dailies On Wednesday 22 February.

Three Malaysian Interpol officers were reported to have travelled to Macau since Mr. Kim Han Sol was afraid of flying down to Malaysia considering his safety. The Interpol Officers were in possession of Mr. Kim Jong Nam’s DNA sample, of which it will be analyzed side by side with the DNA sample gotten from his son.

The report also added that the Interpol officers were to get Mr. Kim Han Sol’s DNA sample within two days and the sample was to be analyzed at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital where the deceased lays as reported by China Press.

Mr. Kim Han Sol was reported to have arrived earlier this week in Kuala Lumpur but has not been allowed to come out by the Malaysian authorities, assumptions for this action by the authorities are linked to the safety of the deceased son.

The Media reported that the police would consult Mr. Kim Jong Nam’s family on what to do next after the DNA results are out and the transfer of the deceased body to the family for the necessary arrangements.