Enhancing your beauty with the help of sugar and spiders

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At BeautyAsia, a yearly public exhibition for the spa, beauty and wellbeing industry, among the products and items displayed was a lotion which contains protein found in spider webs, a body cleanser, and bespoke facial serums made utilizing organic product compounds.

Various Industry experts visited the trade show, the country’s sole beauty public exhibition, to seek for new and advanced processes, methods and items to buy.

In this year exhibition, the 21st show, which occurred between Monday and Wednesday, exhibitors from all nook and crannies converged together. Exhibitors from Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Taiwan were also not left out.

Over the years, the personal care and beauty industry in Singapore has improved tremendously. A 2016 report by statistical surveying firm Euromonitor stated that Singaporean buyers are progressively ready to spend on individual care and beauty. This is uplifting news for the exhibitors, a considerable lot of whom had taken part in the show before and were hoping to make fresh business contacts. Ms. Anna Nadiadhuri, 47, a director at Kha Factory Bali, which deals majorly in spa items, says that she makes 20 to 30 helpful contacts at the demonstrate each year. “We do get a couple of new customers on every occasion,” she says, including that she can likewise meet contacts from overseas at the exhibition. BeautyAsia highlights new innovations and items from around the globe, a significant number of which appeared here newly. News4K.com looks at two exceptional items that were exhibited.

 1.Oriskin facial serum made by Imagene Labs

Totally different from the conventional and common type of beauty materials. The Imagene Labs’ serum is a specially made product for individual persons.

This product is so unique and advanced in the sense that it makes use of DNA test. Potential users must have their DNA tested. A test tube containing their saliva is transferred to the laboratory where the results generated is used by the manufacturer to develop bespoke serum products. This product according to the DNA result will be developed to target any top three skin defects which might likely affect the user. Other trait tests which can be carried out are resistance and sensitivity to heat from sun, deficiency due to antioxidant activities, and lack of moisture.

2.Sugar Powder made by Preanfa

A common item in Japan, this product is extensively used for nails as a top coat medium. Commonly referred to as a sugar-powder coat because the end product gives us bright shining sugar particles on the nail creating a finished impact without much stress.

It is only available in three colours and the colours comprise of white, silver and aurora. The colour of the gel coat that is at the bottom will have a great effect on the powder. There is also room for multiple colours which will create some quality and image impact when used.

To get the Nail Wonderland (Singapore distributor and Beauty Company) materials, you will find them in three packs at the rate of $11 on their Instagram and Facebook pages. It is also available in places like Nail Artelier in Haji Lane, who deal in nail treatment, at the same cost.