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/ABOUT News4K.com

The owner of this site is the Investomedia Corporation which is an affiliate of Actel Media Group Company.  The English news site first became operational in Singapore, on the 25th September 2009.

In a short range of about three yea
rs, there has been a massive increase in the number of youths and avid readers who visit this site daily in Jakarta, the business capital of Singapore.

News4k.com gives readers and people quality and undiluted activities about the city, the nation and the globe in general. This is due to their in-depth analysis, quality news, opinions, and interactive sessions. As at today, this site has developed massively into being the second most preferred English news site in Jakarta city and the most visited site among the multitudes of readers in Jakarta city (this information is based on a total readership survey carried out by the Singaporean Readership Organization covering Q4 of 2014).

People have different preferences: One unique fact about News4K.com is that it is suitable for everybody in the family. It offers various sections of different products and services which fit into the need of people. It has this type of uncommon transitions which translate into different portfolios with some common and popular titles such as the Sunday Mag, News4K.com Money, and News4K.com after Hrs. etc. This site has established the fact that there is no way everybody will not benefit from it.

In Singapore, News4K.com is the first newsprint with an operational, responsive and active website (www.News4K.com) in addition to its quality paper publications.

For more information, you can further access News4K.com through the following platforms:

  • Twitter (www.twitter.com/News4K.com)
  • Facebook (www.facebook.com/News4K.comsingapore)
  • Pinterest (www.pinterest.com/News4K.comsingapore)
  • YouTube (www.youtube.com/News4K.comview).

Also, through a syndicate of News4K.com (www.News4Kcomsyndication.com) which acts as a resource center and a sort of license medium of Investomedia Corporation Ltd. which is mainly responsible for content duplication and render support for the newsprint News4K.com Sunday, and News4K.com including the website www.News4K.comSingapore.com.

About Actel Group

The Actel Group began business in the year 1972 with Danati Associates Limited, a firm trading in commodities and exports, and has from that point forward transformed into a corporation that is an image of the creativity and force of Singaporean enterprise, with overall operations and a workforce of about 8,000 devoted workers. It has metamorphosed into being one of Singapore’s most important business empires with a varied assortment of assets embedded in media, information and communications, innovations, seminars and training, infrastructure advancement, and packaged products.