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Tips on Using Instagram albums without losing your followers

Instagram has added the ability to attach up to 10 photos and video clips to a single post. Depending on how this added feature is utilized, one can give their feedback on if it is good or bad. It is considered the most controversial feature since Stories.

Whatever your feedback may be, this feature will change the way contents are shared on the platform and agreeing to the new terms and conditions of posting your content will take some time. It will most definitely take some getting used to and patience in order to enjoy this new feature. The feature will be useful at some point in time regardless of the feedback insisting the new feature will ruin Instagram

Say no to Spam, yes to albums

The new feature on Instagram will address one of the issues that many find annoying on the platform. There are people who post too much content; it could be your friend, your classmate or coworker. Regardless of who they are, many find this annoying.

The habit of posting contents more often may be cheered on other platforms like Twitter and Facebook, but it bugs the users on Instagram unless you are Selena Gomez, a Kardashian or Justin Bieber. It is an unspoken rule you should adhere to if you do not want to bear the risk of losing your followers.

Instead of posting multiple contents at the same time, you can have them all in a single post under a similar caption. So also it is best you know that for now, Instagram permits the addition of only a single caption and location to the post, so it is advisable to ensure your contents are similar before grouping so as not to confuse your followers as this could have you at risk of losing followers.

Food and Recipes

Sharing of recipes is made easy for food bloggers and foodies. Albums will make things a whole lot better in the sense of not condensing an entire recipe into a single post, several images can be used to lay it out step-by-step for your followers.

DIY and Tutorials

Tutorials and DIY Processes have a lot to gain from this feature with its expanded view of several images at the same time. It could be a tutorial on decorating, household tweaks or makeup. The best thing is that the several steps will be illustrated better if several posts were grouped.

Exercise and Fitness

This is an added advantage for fitness bloggers, they can really share the exercise routines, yoga poses and also their before and after shots from gym sessions. This new feature will help to combine several exercise routines into a single post rather than multiple posts. Their followers might not follow the series of exercise and might get lost in the series of posts but with the added feature of albums, it makes things a whole lot easier.

Family and pets

Inasmuch as people love to share contents of their babies and fur babies, so also people might not appreciate seeing multiple contents related to a single caption. Instead of sending the same content several times, all can be grouped and your followers will not probe their decision for following you.


Kim Jong Nam’s son’s DNA to be acquired by the Malaysian Police in Macau

There were claims by the Malaysian media about the Malaysian police flying to the autonomous region of south coast China to obtain the DNA of the North Korea leader’s half-brother’s son Kim Han Sol. The police chief Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar dismissed all the claims about that subject on Thursday 23 February. “We have not asked any team to recover any DNA sample, no sample has been given to us” this he stated.

Mr. Kim Han Sol agreed to provide a DNA sample to the Malaysian police investigating the assassination of his father. This was reported by the China Press in Chinese-language and Sin Chew dailies On Wednesday 22 February.

Three Malaysian Interpol officers were reported to have travelled to Macau since Mr. Kim Han Sol was afraid of flying down to Malaysia considering his safety. The Interpol Officers were in possession of Mr. Kim Jong Nam’s DNA sample, of which it will be analyzed side by side with the DNA sample gotten from his son.

The report also added that the Interpol officers were to get Mr. Kim Han Sol’s DNA sample within two days and the sample was to be analyzed at the Kuala Lumpur Hospital where the deceased lays as reported by China Press.

Mr. Kim Han Sol was reported to have arrived earlier this week in Kuala Lumpur but has not been allowed to come out by the Malaysian authorities, assumptions for this action by the authorities are linked to the safety of the deceased son.

The Media reported that the police would consult Mr. Kim Jong Nam’s family on what to do next after the DNA results are out and the transfer of the deceased body to the family for the necessary arrangements.


Genting Singapore losses reversed through $159 million earnings in Q4

Genting Singapore is a Singapore-based regional leisure, integrated resorts development and hospitality specialist listed on the main board of Singapore Exchange Securities Trading Limited.

Genting Singapore (G13) got back into the market with a net profit of SGD 159.19 million for the fourth quarter of the year 2016, which ended Saturday 31 December. This performance is quite impressive compared to their performance a year ago where a net loss of SGD7.75 million was incurred. SGD29.71 million was also dispensed to holders of perpetual securities, the profit of the year would have summed up to SGD188.9 million.

Singapore’s Q4 improved performance was sustained by the elevated revenue in gaming because of the higher rolling percentage wins in the premium-player business. In addition, the improvement in their performance can be as a result of the strategy of the group to focus on businesses with a good margin.

Singapore Q4 revenue was higher by two percent at SGD557.66 million. The revenue from gaming improved by seven per cent to SGD398.63 million while that of non-gaming fell by eight per cent to SGD158.51 million.

The earnings per share was at 1.33 Singapore cents, coming against the losses a year ago per share of 0.06 cent. For the quarter of the year under review, Singapore Genting group delivered 29 per cent year-on-year growth in adjusted EBITDA (Earnings before interest, tax, depreciation and amortization) at SGD233.7 million.

The Integrated Resort World Sentosa (RWS) had an adjusted EBITDA of SGD235.5 million and they generated a revenue of SGD557.1 million. This shows a trend of improvement up to 30 percent comparing with the performance from a year ago. The net profit improved from SGD75.19 million to SGD266.35 for a full year while the revenue fell 7 percent on SGD2.23 billion year on year.

The attraction business recorded an average of 18,000 daily visits while the hotel business saw a high occupancy rate of 92 percent.

Genting said, “With the constant insecurity in the political and macroeconomic environment, combined with a tough Asian gaming market, we carry on adopting a restrained tactic in the VIP gaming industry”. They also added, “The loss of receivables linked to this industry segment has decreased since we adapted our commission structure and adjusted our credit policies. We have recorded improved profit margins in this sector.”

Market programs may be influenced negatively by the uncertain global political climate and the resulting impact on foreign exchange. Genting added, “We carry on tracking the growth of the IR Execution Bill to make the way for the Japan gaming license’s formal bidding process. The group is financially stable and is well-placed to bid for this chance.”

Genting’s director has recommended a final dividend of 1.5 Singapore cents per share. In the first quarter of 2017, a gain on disposal of about SGD96.3 million is expected to be recorded as gain by the gaming group. This is in relation to the disposal of a stake in Landing Jeju Development Co. and related entities.

Enhancing your beauty with the help of sugar and spiders

At BeautyAsia, a yearly public exhibition for the spa, beauty and wellbeing industry, among the products and items displayed was a lotion which contains protein found in spider webs, a body cleanser, and bespoke facial serums made utilizing organic product compounds.

Various Industry experts visited the trade show, the country’s sole beauty public exhibition, to seek for new and advanced processes, methods and items to buy.

In this year exhibition, the 21st show, which occurred between Monday and Wednesday, exhibitors from all nook and crannies converged together. Exhibitors from Japan, South Korea, Italy, and Taiwan were also not left out.

Over the years, the personal care and beauty industry in Singapore has improved tremendously. A 2016 report by statistical surveying firm Euromonitor stated that Singaporean buyers are progressively ready to spend on individual care and beauty. This is uplifting news for the exhibitors, a considerable lot of whom had taken part in the show before and were hoping to make fresh business contacts. Ms. Anna Nadiadhuri, 47, a director at Kha Factory Bali, which deals majorly in spa items, says that she makes 20 to 30 helpful contacts at the demonstrate each year. “We do get a couple of new customers on every occasion,” she says, including that she can likewise meet contacts from overseas at the exhibition. BeautyAsia highlights new innovations and items from around the globe, a significant number of which appeared here newly. News4K.com looks at two exceptional items that were exhibited.

 1.Oriskin facial serum made by Imagene Labs

Totally different from the conventional and common type of beauty materials. The Imagene Labs’ serum is a specially made product for individual persons.

This product is so unique and advanced in the sense that it makes use of DNA test. Potential users must have their DNA tested. A test tube containing their saliva is transferred to the laboratory where the results generated is used by the manufacturer to develop bespoke serum products. This product according to the DNA result will be developed to target any top three skin defects which might likely affect the user. Other trait tests which can be carried out are resistance and sensitivity to heat from sun, deficiency due to antioxidant activities, and lack of moisture.

2.Sugar Powder made by Preanfa

A common item in Japan, this product is extensively used for nails as a top coat medium. Commonly referred to as a sugar-powder coat because the end product gives us bright shining sugar particles on the nail creating a finished impact without much stress.

It is only available in three colours and the colours comprise of white, silver and aurora. The colour of the gel coat that is at the bottom will have a great effect on the powder. There is also room for multiple colours which will create some quality and image impact when used.

To get the Nail Wonderland (Singapore distributor and Beauty Company) materials, you will find them in three packs at the rate of $11 on their Instagram and Facebook pages. It is also available in places like Nail Artelier in Haji Lane, who deal in nail treatment, at the same cost.


Eating liquorice while pregnant connected with Kid’s health issues

Women with high liquorice consumption when they are pregnant have more tendency to give birth to kids with cognitive or behavioral issues than those who don’t consume a lot of liquorice during pregnancy, a small Finnish study has revealed. A few earlier laboratory experiments have linked a natural sweetener that is found in liquorice root and known as glycyrrhizin to changes that occur in the placenta thus making it very easy for the stress hormone cortisol to be transferred from the aforementioned mums to their developing kids according to the lead researcher and author Katri Raikkonen from the University of Helsinki.

Some cortisol promotes fetal development, however too much consumption could change neurodevelopmental processes and accelerate cognitive or behaviour problems in the future, Katri Raikkonen stated via email.

For the present study, researchers carried out thorough examination based on the data of 378 kids born in the Finland capital of Helsinki in 1998 and their mothers, asking the women about their liquorice intake after giving birth and thereafter assess kids for developmental problems when they were around 13 years old.

Boys and girls born to mothers who take in a lot of liquorice when they are pregnant – which researchers described as an amount made up of at least 0.02 ounces (500 milligrams) of glycyrrhizin per week – had poorer memory, bigger odds of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, and also had lower scores on intelligence tests than kids whose mothers ate little or no liquorice when they are pregnant, the study found.

Girls appeared to begin puberty earlier as well when mothers consumed a lot of liquorice when they are pregnant.

Due to the fact that liquorice extracts are used extensively to serve as sweeteners in drinks, food, and some herbal products, a 2006 study estimated average glycyrrhizin intake in the US as from 1.85 mg to 205 mg on a daily basis for a 150-pound person.

In the present study, 327 of the kids were subjected to no more than 249 mg of glycyrrhizin per week or no liquorice at all in utero, researchers reveal in the American Journal of Epidemiology. Mothers of these children took on average 47 mg of glycyrrhizin on a week basis during pregnancy.

Another 51 children had mothers who took at least 500 mg of glycyrrhizin on a weekly basis while they are pregnant or around 845 mg on the average weekly.

Children exposed to a lot of liquorice intake scored over 7 age-standardized points lower as regards estimated verbal, general and performance IQ in comparison with kids that are exposed to little or no liquorice in utero and did worse on tests determining verbal productivity and memory as well.

Children with high exposure to glycyrrhizin also had over three-fold bigger chances of ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) according to the study.

Girls with bigger glycyrrhizin exposure when they were in the womb tend to begin breast development earlier and generally weigh more as well than girls whose mothers took small liquorice or didn’t take at all.

Aside from its small size, another limitation associated with the study is that it is not a controlled experiment created to prove that the consumption of liquorice directly impacted negatively thereby leading to developmental issues in kids, researchers note.

They lacked adequate data concerning the amount of glycyrrhizin in any liquorice women consumed while they are pregnant or other drink or food they could have taken in with glycyrrhizin in it as well.

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News4K sets the news motivation for the country, with its fresh layout, straightforward reporting, sharp level-headed discussions, engaging blend of stories, and trending hashtags which position it as a leader in news reportage. It provides all-out news and continues to be a trendsetter.